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Rabbit Lined Cuff Set

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Product ID: MBC103
Rabbit Lined Cuff Set

These cuffs are BEAUTIFUL. The inside is lined with the thickest black Rabbit Fur we can find, and the outside is Bull Hide Leather. We've made these cuffs EXTRA long and placed velcro tabs at the end of each cuff, so when you wrap them around a wrist or ankle, they will stick in place while you buckle them. These cuffs are designed to look wonderful on and they do! Set of 4 cuffs. Black only.

Wrist cuffs are 10" long 3" wide and buckle strap is 11 1/2" long from buckle to last hole.
Ankle cuffs are 12" long 3" wide and buckle strap is 13" long from buckle to last hole .

Our Price: USD $129.99
102.69 GBP 118.29 EUR
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