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HW Panties

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Product ID: MB500wHW
HW Panties

Our basic molded Heavy Weight latex Panties are a best seller!

This item will Always be a special order! Special Order policies and times will apply.

Standard Latex

We strongly advise checking our size chart and measuring very carefully.

This item can be Chlorinated.
Latex Chlorination

Size Chart

Made of standard molded heavy weight latex/rubber, with a thickness of about 0.022", 0.55mm
All latex/rubber items come unpolished. Image may show item after polishing.

Since these are thicker they will fit a "little" tighter than standard weight.
In order to deliver these freshly made to you there is a 3 to 4 week production time.
What if my item is a Special Order?
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Our Price: USD $35.99
28.43 GBP 32.75 EUR
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