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Ball Gag

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Ball Gag

Midnight Blue says:
Our "Super Grip Ball Gags"™ are different from any you will ever find.

We make them in sizes that will actually fit comfortably into most people's mouths.
We use five different size balls --1 1/8 inch, 1 3/8 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 2 inch, 2 1/4 inch.

In our "one of a kind" process, each ball (with a leather strap in the middle) is "hand dipped" in Synthetic Rubber (latex and plastic free) 4 times. This Synthetic Rubber dries into a hard yet flexible form and is often used in to coat instruments. This dipping process is very time-consuming and must be done at just the right temperature, or it bubbles and drips.

Because the balls are completely dipped in Synthetic Rubber, they can be cleaned; and as there is no exposed hole in the center of the ball, nothing can be trapped inside during use.

These gags come with Shiny Black, Red or Yellow balls and have a locking buckle.

Gag measures 21 1/2" to 22 1/2" measured from buckle to last hole on tongue and 15" to 16 1/2" from buckle to first hole for 2" inch 2 1/4" Balls.

Gag measures 20 1/2" to 21 1/2" measured from buckle to last hole on tongue and 15" to 16" from buckle to first hole for 1 1/8", 1 3/8", 1 3/4" Balls.

Straps can be custom sized if needed. Straps can be made longer or shorter with - sign.

Make this gag completely waterproof by adding PVC straps.

Available with Black leather, Red leather, Pink Patent, Purple Patent, Black PVC or Bungee Straps.
Lock NOT included.

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